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was established in May 2003 to cater for the demand in rubber related material. We eventually expanded our business portfolio rapidly into many other areas. With a great range of product families and services, we cater a wide variety of customers from different market around the globe.

Our top priority is in conducting a professional and honest business transaction with all our clients. The company name may have hinted our flexibility in doing business, making business transactions less rigid benefiting our customers. Being manufacturing agents of many factories in Asia, we are capable to delivering beyond our customers' expectation.

With a great combination of professionals from different fields, the company has full capabilities to venture into many industries. We do not take the great range of industries as an opportunity for more options in business but we truly put dedicated attention into every product and services we deliver making sure we stand to our integrity and reputation. We have dedicated specialists handling different business industries so that every product inquiry and shipment is under strict quality and timely control.

We stress mutuality of interest between manufacturers, customers and our company, working in partnership with each of them to achieve satisfactory long-term growth. Being multilingual, we simplify business negotiation for customers and manufacturers from Asia, Europe and USA. We make sure the right goods arrived at our customers’ destination at the right time. We also make sure we put a smile on our customers’ face every time we have completed a transaction with continuing businesses.

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Caring for the environmental is an important aspect the company focuses in as well. We are working with Malaysian manufacturers to collect waste plastic and rubber products, carefully re-package them properly for shipment. The scraps would then be recycled with proper regulatory accordance and be put to good use.

We believe Mother Earth would be a cleaner place if everyone realises recycling and proper disposal is part of their responsibilities. We take liberty to do our part as much as we could.

Learn more about the company direction into Recycling Projects.

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3B-29-08 N-Park, Jalan Batu Uban, 11700 Gelugor, Penang, MALAYSIA.

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Registrar of Companies, Malaysia (ROC)

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(6012) 4111899

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(604) 6562899


info  [at] flexdeal.net



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100% Malaysian Owned




1 Downing Street,

10300 Penang, MALAYSIA 


Swift Code     : HBMBMYKL

Website         : www.hsbc.com.my



Malayan Banking Berhad

345-H, Bangunan Kelab Gelugor,

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700

Gelugor, Penang MALAYSIA


Swift Code     : MBBEMYKL

Website         : www.maybank2u.com.my



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